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Death Fest VIII DVD's

Death Fest VIII Complete Set 6 DVDs. Take in the show, visit the Popcorn Theatre, schmooze at the Dance of the "Decayed" and fill your vault with a treasure trove from the seminar line up of two full days of seminars that would literally be a steal at 5 times the price. Death Fest VIII Complete Set 6 DVDs Include the fallowing.

Death Fest VIII the MOVIE!

This professionally produced DVD features all the exciting sights and sounds of the first year Death Fest became a formal trade show and played host to over 300 haunt enthusiasts from as far away as the east coast. See it all here on this 1 hour movie and collect a piece of history today!

Death Fest VIII Seminar DVD Volume #1

This DVD shows step by step how to achieve some amazing cost-saving techniques and is a must have for any haunter! Featuring;

Boom Box Amplifier - Bryan Patterson

$30 Air Cannon - Wil Schock

Find and Keep! Volunteers - Brian Fields

Death Fest VIII Seminar DVD Volume #2

This DVD is simply packed with inside tips and techniques. Featuring;

Motivating Your Boo Crew - Sandy Kimball

Eyes Made Easy - Jerry Chavez

Home Haunting Perils - Mike Fox

Tents - The Other Dark Haunt - Karl Fields

Death Fest VIII Seminar DVD Volume #3

This DVD will take you from zero to hero with your actors! Amazing techniques in makeup revealed in detail. Featuring;

Applying the Appliance - Ken Franklin

Airbrush Your Way To Profits - Tyler Henthorne

Death Fest VIII Seminar DVD Volume #4

This DVD boasts two of the most compelling figures in haunting with tips and tricks you will not learn anywhere else! Featuring;

From Home Haunt to Pro! - Leonard Pickel

Casting, Molds and Mildew - Ralis Kahn

Death Fest VIII Seminar DVD Volume #5

Invaluable to the haunter with any portable haunt! The Triangular Grid theory as explained by Hauntedattraction magazine's editor.

Triangular Grid Theory - Leonard Pickel

This DVD set is new and being made available by Midnight Evil Productions. We videotaped and produced the DVD set for Death Fest VIII and Death Fest IX.

Thanks Gary Shireman

Midnight Evil Production

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